This discussion group has been meeting in the Huntsville, Alabama area for over 30 years. Les & Carol have been active in the group for about 25 years and currently host the twice-monthly meetings in our home. Membership is by invitation only - the house is only "so big!"

STAMMTISCH (German - Noun) "A table in a beer parlor reserved for a group of regulars taking part in a social discussion a group of people gathering at such a table"

Past programs

(A partial listing)

The Reformation's Impact on Western Culture

Nuclear Follies

Alone Together: Why we expect more from technology and less from each other

The Best of TEDx

How we view climate change is influenced by our political affiliations

The social media echo chamber

All things food

Is there a war on men and boys?

The European migrant crisis

The Russian space program

An evening with Congressman Mo Brooks

Inside the Office of the District Attorney

More to Life - what is it?

Unintended consequences of globalization

Asteroid mining

The economic divisions in Europe

Russia yesterday and today

The Selfish Gene

The 5th Amendment

The future of western civilization

US national security policy and non-traditional threats

The ethics of geoengineering

Death and dying in America

Fermi, Civilization, and the Baby Boomers

Occupy Wall Street


Designer drugs

Things in science that don't make sense

Demographic winter

The emergent church

Homeschooling in America

The history of the conflict between science and religion

Green energy

Civil liberties in Alabama

The Obama presidency

Heaven on Earth - Socialism

Health care reform

The Tea Party


The future of food

Is eye witness testimony reliable?

Congressman Mo Brooks and his wife, Martha, spent an evening with the discussion group keeping us up to date on what is happening in Washington and the congress.